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"Where there is community and creativity, anything is possible."
- Chela Reyna, Founder

From the Ottoman Empire to the American and French Revolutions, coffeehouses have offered a place for people to discuss new waves of thought.


Create a space for all to come,,,

Creativity is the universal language 

unite in creativity

positive, proactive, and most of all — creative 

In a world that's gone virtual, the Creative Coffeehouse events are held online, but bring the community, the feeling and the amvienc

Chela Reyna

Chela Reyna, founder

has been an avid cafe-hopper, frequenting LA's coffeehouses with her notebook and laptop, brewing ideas faster than any coffee was served. 

She holds an honors degree in Cinema and Television Arts for Screenwriting and began story consulting when her professors began asking her for feedback on their own scripts. She has since been a story consultant for newly emerging writers to Oscar-Winning writers, dedicated to bring out the best of every story for every writer.


An ardent lover of language, she studies Spanish, Russian, German and French, while believing the most important language is the one that unites us all: the universal language of creativity. 

She has exepreince creating and pitching original content for platforms such as Netflix, is web versed in publishing industry self publishing and tradional and has a wealth of contacts that she likes to bring to the coffeehouse for chance meetings with...

helloing creatives hone their craft but also provide resources and guidance to help their project reach the hands of the world. It all starts in the coffeehouse.

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The Beginning

From Hemingway to….. thinkers.. to JK Rowling, writers, thought-leaders, and creatives throuhgout history and around the world have gathered in coffeehouses. Solo, known as a place to increase productivity and stimulate the mind, and together to connect with other great minds and hearts over warm, satisfying drinks and in a stimulating yet safe and comfortable space for the brewing of ideas 

a coffeehouse culture that attracts intellectuals and thinkers, wonder-es and dreamers, creators...

Stimulating conversations, next-level creativity, and 

coffeehouses are famous in the literary and intellectual world as a gathering place for minds and hearts invested in creativity. 

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